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EditRegion4 Following a successful career as a concert guitarist in the 1970's-80s, Eric Hill now teaches guitar at Bedford School. As well as a jazz CD and a number of videos, Eric is offering his complete recording catalogue for you to download free from his website. There is some stunning playing and musicianship here, which is not to be missed.
" amazing display of virtuosity and stamina..." Fretwire Magazxine.

" Bedford School is a vibrant, inspiring independent school for boys aged 13-18 years. The School has an established reputation for academic excellence and music, as well as strengths in sport, drama and art. Bedford opened its purpose-built Music School in 2006 and the facilities are hugely impressive. The Visiting Music Staff are all highly experienced professional performers and teachers." The website of the North Bucks Guitar Club. The club meets monthly to play ensemble music plus members' solos, duets etc... Eric Hill is a musical director of the club. Eric uses this digital sheet music technology, which allows pages to be "turned" silently, using a foot pedal.